Thursday, 27 September 2012

Liberty Scrap Challenge

A while ago, Nova and Jo asked me to take past in this Month's Liberty scrap challenge. Being my usual self I'm running to the 11th hour, but it's still September (just) so I think I'm good. Phew.

Jo sent me a scrap pack of Liberty prints from her shop...which I put in a lovely safe safe I have no clue where they are. Fortunately there's no shortage of Liberty prints and scraps in this house, so I used my own scraps and made this ruffle front clutch to make me look like a fancy lady when I go out (looks can be deceiving - don't be fooled by my fancy clutch).


You will need;


scraps cut into 1.5 x 3" strips
FQ of essex linen in natural for purse body
FQ of fusible wadding/batting
FQ of cotton fabric for lining
strong fabric glue. I recommend this one
a 6" x 3" kiss clasp purse frame (available from here) - if you have a different size frame head to U-Handbag for a great tutorial on drafting your own pattern
something pointy like a skewer or some scissors
piping cord (available here)

purse template - download PDF here

Step 1;
cut out the template and press your fabrics well. Fold the FQs in 2, and lay the straight edge of the template on the fold, pin and cut out 2 of the purse body, wadding and lining fabrics.


Iron the fusible wadding to the reverse of the purse body fabrics, following the manufacturers instructions.


Fold the purse body in half across the width, and finger press to give you a centre line.
Fold a scrap strip in half to make a loop and pin to one side of the centre crease, do the same to the other side of the crease, and then lay a 3rd strip loop in the middle of the 2 pinned loops. Stitch into place.


Repeat step 3 to the top of the purse. You can do the same on the other piece of purse body fabric if you want a double sided clutch.


Place the purse body fabrics right sides together, and pin together - making sure you start at the little dash on the template, and finish in the same point on the other side. Using a generous 1/4" seam, sew the 2 pieces together in the direction of the arrows. Repeat with the lining fabrics.


Box the corners of both the purse body and the lining. You want to mark a point using a pencil or disappearing ink that is 2" across.



Place the lining into the purse body, wrong sides together. Poke the corners into each other, and match up the edges and pin well all around the edge.


Topstitch carefully all the way around the edge - lengthen your stitch a little and use the needle down position. Take this bit slowly, and pay extra attention to the sides as these will be visible when you're all finished.


Glue the purse body into the frame. I had no-one to help me with photos for this step and it is the trickiest part, so I'm going to send you off to Lisa who has a fabulous tutorial on making framed purses, and taught me to make them through careful nudging and hand holding (she's a good egg, that one). Step 12 is the glueing bit in her tute - download it and keep it safe, you'll want to come back to it again and again.

That's it. You're done! Have a cup of tea and a little rest and get your fancy shoes on ready for a fancy night out with your clutch.


Wait - there's more!

Do you want to do a tutorial for the Liberty Scrap Challenge? You can win a bag of Liberty Print scraps and have your tutorial featured - just leave a comment saying YES PLEASE! I'll pick a winner in a week.


Thank you again to Jo and to Nova for having me, be sure to check out all of the previous tutorials and if make something using one of the projects, upload it to the flickr group!


Karen said...

Fancy for sure! Love it and your nail polish(s) too :D

Laura Jane said...

snigger... fancy clutch... snigger

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

I love me some ruffles! Sexy nails too :)

Elisabeth said...

Lovely clutch, fancy lady. I really have to try making another one of these purses.

Pieces of Cotton said...

I have wondered how to do those type frames - thanks for linkin gto that tutorial!

MIss Sherry said...


Karen S, Lykkefanten said...

Yes, please! ;)

Elisabete Ferguson said...

Yes please.

Katy Cameron said...

You know I totally misread that bit at the beginning as you making something to take to church and choked on my lunch... Anywho, then I reread it, and it's a cool evening clutch :oD

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Oh, I'd LOVE to win the scraps and the opportunity to do a tutorial!

Caitlin T. said...

I love your ruffles! So cute! I'd love to do a project tutorial with Liberty fabric---it's so nice to work with!

craftykat said...

Yes please! I have the perfect project in mind :)

Sonia said...

Such a beautiful clutch! Tres chic ;) And yes please to the tutorial idea x

Flaun of I Plead Quilty! said...

Are you kidding? Do you even have to ask??? Yes, please!

Lori said...

What a great chance to work with some gorgeous fabrics. Yes Please!!

Beth said...

Yes, please! Your pouch is adorable! Great idea.

Allison said...

Yes, Please! I'd love to be entered!
Hahaha, we use the same storage system! I have lots of 'safe' stuff I can't find around here :) love the fancy ruffle clutch!

knottygnome said...

yes, please!

that clutch is awesome. it's so "ladies who lunch"

**nicke... said...

i love this clutch katy and what i love even more is your middle finger painted so sparkly so that when you need to flip someone off it looks super pretty! xo

Monica said...

uhhh...YES PLEASE!

Chelsea said...

Yes Please!

I'd love to make something with Liberty scraps. No ideas off the top of my head but that can be changed.

The clutch is adorable and I echo all the comments about the mani. Fabulous!

Sue said...

Yes please!

Debbie said...

Yes, please!

Kara @me_and_elna said...

Yes, puh-leeeeease! :)

Strawberry Patch said...

Yes please!

Celine said...

I'd love love love a scrap bag of Liberty of course. Thanks for the chance to win! I have a couple of projects in mind already...
Celine_Combet at

Heidi Staples said...

Yes please!

Janice said...

Yes, pretty please!! Love the clutch!

Adrianne said...

Yes please! If you pick me I will follow your lead and including some fingernail candy in my tutorial as well.

Kendra from missknittas studio said...

Yes, please!

Nova said...

lovin' the frills!!! Thanks for playing along x

Isisjem said...

very inventive way of jazzing up a framed purse. oh and yes please ;-)

Sylvie - Madame Créative said...

Nice purse!

Charise said...

Yes , Please....
Love the clutch : )


Adorable. I cant wait to see what you do for the Traveling Pic show. I am a beginner and cant wait for all the great tutorials and to see what everyone makes.

Maria Wallin said...

I've never had the pleasure of owning any Liberty and I love making tutorials so YES PLEASE if you're open for internationals =)

Thanks for the awesome tutorial! =)

Aletta said...

YES Please! I would love to make a tutorial, but I haven't done that before. I guess that is a good reason to finally do that.

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