Sunday, 26 August 2012

what's new, British pussycat?

Yesterday I introduced a new weekly feature rounding up what is new in the shops that sponsor my blog. Yesterday was the US edition and today we have the Brit version.

So what's new in the Blighty shops? let's see....

Alice from backstitch was down in Birmingham last weekend and it was lovely to finally put a face to the name after so long. I love Alice's shop, it's small and perfectly formed and to see it in once place was just as I imagined.

This bundle of fabrics was very popular at festival of quilts. Even Tula was getting excited about it. It's Velocity by Jessica Hogarth and isn't new, but it's one of those lines that hasn't arrived with a bang anywhere. Which is a shame, because it's so good.

The Riley Blake chevrons are selling really well, as is sketch, some colours are out of stock already so if you were thinking about either of these, I'd stock up now (sketch is re-ordered, but it'll take a little while to come in)

Kate over at M is for Make has a new look website and it's really great. Very easy to navigate and with lots of new fabrics.
One of my favourites is this bundle of red and white fabrics. I got it in the post this week, and I'm trying so hard to resist playing with it before I finish the million other projects that need finishing.

The apple dot is my favourite print, it's by Riley Blake. They are bringing out so many good lines right now, before this season I hadn't been particularly drawn to any of their fabrics - they were a bit too cutesy for me, but they're really coming on and have some fabulous lines out and coming out soon.

For the Fox lovers (me!!!), Monaluna Fox Hollow has arrived at M is for Make too. I recently made a drawstring bag with this line (using Jeni's tutorial). The alphabet print is absolutely fabulous.

a welcome distraction

The Village haberdashery has a sale on. yay for sales.

Plus, new in are the absolutely gorgeous fabrics from Dear Stella, including Gilt Trip. It's metallic, but don't be screwing up your face in fear, these prints are mind blowing (you know I love the glitter).

Maasai Mara is another Dear Stella collection that I absolutely love. The Ikat prints are especially good up close. Annie has 8 prints in from this collection, all are as great as the others. It looks quite timeless to me as well, I love that. At quilt market they had made beautiful cushions using these prints for the booth, just simple piped pillows and it looked fantastic, like something out of Anthropologie. 

Annie has recently taken delivery of purse frames and guterman glue so you can make framed purses. She also sells piping cord, so you can buy everything you need to make a purse in the one place. Great!!!

Lastly, and quite importantly, The Liberty quilting cottons are on a pre-sale special. They'll be here any time now so snap them up at the special 10% discount while you still can!

The Eclectic Maker is always a great place to stock up on fabrics as well as extras such as needles and haberdashery items. Plus this weekend only there are 20% off all fabrics using the code BONANZA (UK only).
This bundle of Curious Nature is calling my name. I still haven't bought any of this and I don't want to miss out, because it's the perfect 'manly quilt' bundle and has greys that are seriously unbeaten. 

New in are the little elephants by Michael Miller in house designers. These are super cute. They're like a dot, but they're not. They'd be fun for all sorts of projects, I'd love to see them as PJ bottoms, or shorts, and binding. Wouldn't they be cute as binding on a baby quilt?

Simply Solids has also had a new website overhaul recently and is offering 10% off all orders using the code SIM0010 at check out. It's still my place of choice to stock up on my favourite kona solids because of the fast service and free shipping over £15. I've heard there are some changes planned for Simply Solids, so as soon as I hear more I'll let you know!

There we go, that's what is going on this week in the world of my blog sponsor shops. Happy shopping people!

For my UK friends, have a wonderful bank holiday weekend. I am planning on sewing up a pile of scrap vomit blocks to mail out for swaps. If I can get really organised by the end of the week I will have all my blocks done. Famous last words.....

There's 15% anything in my etsy shop until September 1st using the code BANKHOLIDAY15, so if you have been thinking about getting some templates for Hexy MF or Spring carnival but haven't yet, now's the time to do it!

Also - If you are quick you can still use the 25% off code at paper pieces using FAT25 at checkout. That code is valid until the end of August, so make use of it even if you don't think you need any paper pieces at the moment. Once the code expires that's it - 25% is a huge discount and it really adds up when you are making any english paper pieced project, even a small one.


heart of charnwood said...

I've said it before, and i'll say it again, damn you woman!!

nicolette at dutchcomfort said...

Thanks Katie, lots of great information!
I’m shoppig more and more online in the UK, because of the custom fees and VAT I have to pay when shopping online in the US.

The discount at Eclectic Maker is (unfortunately) only for UK customers. I had filled my shopping bag when I discovered that. I have the other bundle of Curious Nature, but I love that stash of greys!

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Você como sempre é uma linda fonte de informações cristalinas,obrigada.Se eu pudesse compraria o estoque de mini-elefantes.apaixonada.beijos.

Katy Cameron said...

Oh, those ellies are super cute!

Guerilla Embroidery said...

I knew I shouldn't have read this. But I did.

Guerilla Embroidery said...

I knew I shouldn't have read this. But I did.

Archie the wonder dog said...

*la la la I can't hear you* Fingers are firmly in ears...must not buy new fabric. Those greys are gorgeous though!

Cherie said...

I'm off to huddle in the corner wishing I had some money! =D

Nicole H. said...

"I am planning on sewing up a pile of scrap vomit blocks to mail out for swaps."

What's this about then? Did I miss the boat already? Can regular people jump into this too? I want to make a scrap vomit quilt but would like more variety in my scraps, so would relish a swap of some sort.

Sheila said...

Just blogged about my current project using Velocity, it is a fab line. Another brilliant Brit designer.

angharad handmade said...

Great roundup and so much temptation! I seem to spend so much more time acquiring fabric than actually using it lately ...

Nicky said...

I love what you are doing but it seriously reduces the food shopping I can do! I will be reported to Childline I know it!

Sam said...

Yes, yes, yes! I love this feature! Well done. Can't wait for the next one. I met Alice at the FoQ too. Such a great shop.

AliceAndFlorence said...

Am speechless!

Except to say what a great idea.I do rather like the velocity fabrics...

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